CODA Review: Emotion spreading without voice could be possible and warm

Children of Deaf Adults

The character, Ruby, a girl who is fragile, is a normal kid but in an abnormal family, whose family is all deaf without outside her. Since she came, the life of our family has changed. Her mom no longer needed to talk to the translation online, but she could depend on her kid, and the business of the family selling fish in a co-op organization, Ruby translating them. This is her family, and also was her life.

Be Brave and Look forward to the Future

Things began to change when she made the decision to join the music club because of her crush, a boy called I FORGOT, but when having the test she was too nervous to sing so that she ran out of the classroom. However, with the help of Mr.V, she began to face up to herself. Later, she has an opportunity to take the examination at an advanced school. However, as the saying goes, life is full of twists and turns. She must make a decision between staying home to help her family or leaving them for university. Though there were many difficulties she had faced, she found what she wanted to do.

Expression can be done without a voice

During the movie, there is a scene where Ruby puts her dad's hand on her neck, feeling the shape of her throat so that he could have a better understanding of her. In our life, companion does mean that we must have a lot to say, but we can stay together for a while and that's OK. Just this kind of feeling of satisfaction that makes me safe and warm.

The Disabled

Walking along the street, it's common to see the disabled who might be deaf, blind, out of arms or legs and so on. Though the problem lies here, they need to resist life, insist on survival. If God closes a door, another window must be open. Find your way to tasting the various kinds of life in just about 100 years. With the development of society and technology, everyone can have a better life.

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