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Use what you have learnt in this unit to describe an interesting, exciting, or surprising place.

CQ City

When it comes to the city liked best, there is no doubt that Chongqing, my hometown, is my favorite.

⭐The City Of Bridges

As some people say, Bridges are a symbol of culture in Chongqing. The reason why Chongqing builds numerous bridges is that the transportation system is limited by rivers separating areas from each other. Meanwhile, thanks to it, when walking along the bridge, the river, like a clear mirror without any dirt, quietly appears in your eyes giving you an unexpected impression.

⭐The City Of History

In recent years, more and more people have begun to learn about Chongqing's history, through which they can learn much about Chinese history. Take 18 Stairs for instance, nowadays, walking down the street, you will find some dancers or singers around the square making the light life more colorful. The culture it carries can not only be business but the true meaning of it must also be the changes in neighbor living methods.

⭐The City Of Hope

Though influenced by the pandemic, the hope existing in everyone continues to spread. With the development of social technology, our city is becoming better. Be good at finding the beauty in your life. Occasionally, the flowers blooming beside the road with the greetings of birds might be a perfect start to a day.

In the evening, the splendor of the night scene even can't be described in my words. Chongqing, my hometown, will get you all love.

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